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 he Josh Lyons Accreditation Program is designed to take you and your horse at the performance level you are currently at and move you to the next level. This program is designed for those who have a solid foundation with their training, or are John & Josh Lyons Certified Trainers, looking to specialize or improve in the area of performance. For many this is reining, dressage, cutting, jumping, western pleasure, etc. This program is a 4 week hands on training course where students will work personally with Josh Lyons. Upon graduation you will be a Josh Lyons Accredited Trainer. Many graduates go on to compete is various disciplines and specializations. This course will take training to the next level of performance and will focus primarily on improving the level of finish work in both, the horse and the trainer.



This program will take trainers from the arena to the show pen no matter the discipline.

Students will start the Accreditation preparing their horse with exercises to improve softness and collection imperative to performance. Students will learn specifically how to be a confident trainer and rider. Students learn exercises and methodology to help in perfecting maneuvers imperative in the performance industry. Students begin to build horses performance to accomplish common maneuvers used in many disciplines. By achieving these building blocks students are able to begin their area of specialization.


The Lyons Legacy method is proven in and out of the show pen. If your passion is showing and competing at a competitive level this is the program for you.



Students obtain exercises necessary to control many aspects of their horses performance. Exercises are broken down to work specifically on one particular area at a time. Each week of exercises is a building block to achieve the finish product. This week of training the blocks begin to fit together for the students to see a more finished product. The final week of the Accreditation students will discern their specialization in the performance industry. Josh Lyons works with students to develop goals and accomplishments imperative to be a successful horse trainer. This week is spent working on items covered in the first 3 weeks along with answering any specific questions and areas of weakness.



Understanding the performance side of training will take your horsemanship to a new level, rather you are doing this to compete or just to better your self and your horsemanship skills this is a great program with a ton of knowledge and riding to bring out the best in you and your horse.


Education for Josh Lyons LLC Trainers continues after graduation! Upon completing any of the Josh Lyons LLC programs, you are encouraged to audit future classes of the same program – at no additional cost. You have the unlimited opportunity to gain new information as well as review what you learned during your own class.


Join the alumni family of Lyons Legacy Trainers.
Graduated students of the Josh Lyons, LLC programs are welcomed into an exclusive support network. The Lyons Legacy Trainers private group Facebook page gives graduates the chance to brainstorm ideas, promote special offers and ask for advice from fellow trainers.

The Lyons Legacy office receives inquiries from horse owners around the world looking for Lyons Certified & Accredited Trainers. We maintain files of each graduate and eagerly share contact information to callers and via our trainers directory online, looking for trainers by locale or specialty.


Education continues after graduation!
Upon completing any of the Josh Lyons LLC programs, you are encouraged to audit future classes of the same program – at no additional cost.

Graduates may also advance their presentation and training skills by assisting Josh or John Lyons public events, expos and future Accreditation Courses. Gain exposure, create contacts and increase your clientele by attending Josh and John Lyons events across the country.


Students of the Accreditation Course receive a substantial tuition discount when they are ready to participate in the next level of education; the Lyons Accreditation Course. We also offer annual 5 Day Trainers Clinic held annually in Tennessee as a part of continued education for the Lyons Legacy team.






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Call Michele (970) 309-8838 to sign up or learn more information on this program.






















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To build on the curriculum of the Certification program to produce horse trainers with a passion for performance training. Produces benefits of a highly trained horse who consistently performs above and beyond, in any circumstance.

Max Morrin


Josh’s “can-do” attitude and positive humor are always present. To watch Josh Lyons train horses is mesmerizing. He can accomplish in minutes what takes the rest of us days to teach a horse. Why? Because Josh Lyons knows at least 15 ways to teach any performance maneuver, and he is quick to read what works and doesn't work with each horse. This facile flexibility, combined with his passion for performance horses and friendly optimism, are hallmarks of Josh Lyons’ horse-training approach.

Kathy Boone
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As I look back on my Certification/Accreditation experience, I see it as the most significant Equine experience of my life. It was not only time on task with the most knowledgeable horse trainer in America, but it was both specific to the trainer’s needs and a huge challenge. It was rewarding far beyond what I anticipated and was worth every penny spent.

Philip Elder
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Call Michele Lenard (970) 309-8838 to sign up or learn more information on this program.

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