Master Trainer




[h3]Cost of this course is $10,000[/h3]

We will be offering our newest, “Lyons Legacy Master Trainer Course” to only a select few, handpicked applicants.


This 2 week program is designed to significantly empower our trainers with the skills necessary to build a successful business. We will focus on teaching how to present your methods to greater audiences, as well as how to expand your network of clients in a more effective manner.


Graduates of the “Lyons Legacy Master Trainer Course” will have attained the highest level of training currently provided by Lyons Legacy, LLC., and will become eligible to be licensed, “Lyons Legacy Horsemanship Training Instructors.”


Master Trainers are given the opportunity to teach the steps outlined in the Certified Trainer, Accredited Trainer and Master Trainer programs.


[h3]Part 1[/h3]

  • Business Planning And Finding Your Specialty Niche
  • Learning And Understanding What Business Options Are Available
  • Learning The Art Of Consulting
  • Improving Your People Skills
  • How To Teach Others More Effectively And With Less Conflict
  • Marketing Your Website
  • Perfecting Your Leadership Skills

[h3]Part 2[/h3]

  • Discovering How To Speak In Public Confidently
  • Gaining Confidence In All Areas Of Working With The Public
  • How You Can Help Build Confidence In Others
  • Conducting The Perfect Clinic
  • How To Contract Clinics From Beginning To End
  • How To Motivate Your Hosts To Ensure A More Successful Clinic
  • Acquiring Sponsors And How To Keep Them