Certification Program

This program is designed for those who want to learn the Lyons method from the ground up. This covers breaking out the unbroke, establishing a solid foundation, problem solving up to performance work. Most people that attend this program are looking to improve their horsemanship and training skills. In general many attendees goals are to teach others how to train their horses as well. Students that graduate this program feel confident in the Lyons methodology and ability to teach others. This program is great for those with or without a current equine clientele. The benefits of this program are never-ending, as Josh encourages graduates to come back during other Certification courses to audit and take notes free of charge. We offer Trainers Clinics to keep our trainers up to date with the most current exercises and maneuvers. We look forward to having our Certified Trainers at any events that we attend to give them recognition. Having the Lyons as your advocate gives many comfort in knowing their horse will receive the best training possible.

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Accredited Program

This program is designed to be the next step after the Certification Program. However there are some students that only have completed the Accreditation Program as this program is more fitting to their own goals. Students learn how to increase horses performance. It doesn’t matter if it is dressage, jumping, barrel racing, reining, cutting, this program covers how to get your horse to that point. Many attendees of this program have been already training horses, have a solid foundation, and are just needing to add the finishing touches to training. Graduates feel confident training their horse for many different areas of expertise. Maneuvers are broken down into easy steps to teach students how to not only achieve the goal for themselves but have the ability to show others as well.

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Master Program

We will be offering our newest, “Lyons Legacy Master Trainer Course” to only a select few, handpicked applicants.

This 2 week program is designed to significantly empower our trainers with the skills necessary to build a successful business. We will focus on teaching how to present your methods to greater audiences, as well as how to expand your network of clients in a more effective manner.

Graduates of the “Lyons Legacy Master Trainer Course” will have attained the highest level of training currently provided by Lyons Legacy, LLC., and will become eligible to be licensed, “Lyons Legacy Horsemanship Training Instructors.”

Master Trainers are given the opportunity to teach the steps outlined in the Certified Trainer, Accredited Trainer and Master Trainer programs.

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