Clinics & Special Events

Clinics & Special Events Horse Training School Clinics Overview

When our horse training school programs are not in session we offer Josh Lyons Riding and Horse Training Clinics all over the United States. You can find a list of all our upcoming clinics by clicking more information below.  Hosting a clinic at your facility is a great way to experience the Lyons Legacy method first hand! Please contact our office 615-379-1056 we will be happy to assist you.

We offer horse training school options to fit your budget, schedule, and goals. We offer a various list of events and we are always happy to provide private instruction or training for your horse.  We offer lessons for the first-time rider to seasoned professionals. Josh truly enjoys instructing and watching his students grow. Our clinics are designed for every skill level and every horse breed – green to advanced.

3-Day Riding Clinic

During the course of the 3-day clinic, you can expect that both horse and rider will learn foundation exercises, lessons, and principals covered in the conditioned response program offered at Lyons Legacy horse training school.

Riders will first and foremost learn to effectively control their horse. No matter if you have been horseback for years or rode a horse years ago, all riders have the same common goal: to improve the level of control they have in regards to the horse they are riding, Lyons Legacy LLC is here to help you reach that goal and take your horsemanship to the next level.

The cost of our 3 Day clinics is $900 per horse and rider. Auditors (Fence sitters) are always welcome for $25 per day.

Josh will cover multiple topics as determined by the goals of the riders participating in the clinic. The Clinics are kept small and intimate in an effort to not overlook any area of concern for each student. Josh is always working with each student and horse at a level they can comprehend and he works hard to make sure you achieve success during the clinic.

***We do ask that you can safely ride your horse in a group of other horses*** 

You can expect topics such as: Bridle work, Hip Control, Transitions or change of speed, Diagonal Movement, Teaching Tricks, and Various Problem Solving for examples.

5-Day Riding Clinic

Josh designed our 5-day horse training school clinics for anyone actively riding and training their horse.

One of Josh’s greatest strengths is in taking a horse and rider team to the next level of performance, thru understanding the use and engagement of the horse’s body.

When you choose to participate in a 5-day horse training school clinic you can expect to learn new skills and exercises necessary to take back home to continue your training program. The amount of knowledge you will have at your disposal is literally endless, Josh will give you as much information as you want and is willing to work as hard as you are to achieve your goals. You and your equine partner will not only work hard but you are guaranteed to laugh and learn while finding your way to the goals you set for yourself. You can expect limited classroom time and lots of wet saddle blankets.

The cost of our 5-day clinics is $1250 per rider, Auditors (fence sitters) are always welcome for $25 per day. Our clinics are not a competition, they are safe place to learn new innovative ways to effectively train your horse.

Modules: The Essentials, The 5 Releases, Serpentines, Shoulder Work, Gear Work, Speed Control & Rider Position

Additional Clinic Information

All clinics are limited to 15 riders
Must be able to ride safely in a group
Current coggins/health certificate required
Be sure your horse is fit – clinics are physically challenging
Clinic include demonstrations, groundwork, and riding work

Start Time 9:00 AM
Day 1 – Meet without horses for discussion
Lunch 12:00 – 1:30 PM
End Time 4:00 PM