Rapid Rhythm

“Rapid Rhythm” is a nice all around 20 years young Quarter Horse gelding. He stands 15 hands high.
Strengths – very athletic, strong, great lead changes, rates well to the barrels, good for high number header, quiet and solid on the roping dummy.
Weaknesses- likes his buddies, will get hot easily. NOT for a novice rider or child. Prefers men. He would be better with hock injections and maintenance. Doesn’t enjoy being stalled unless he can see other horses.
Rapid grew up on the race track. He is fast with a long stride. Rapid has been worked in poles and ponies horses well. He is the same horse with or without time off with great strong feet. Can be barefoot or shod and is an easy keeper. He will go all day, has been ridden in the mountains a lot. 
Located in Rifle Colorado. Contact Michele Lenard 970-309-8838 for more information or to purchase.